AVEX Modular control unit SVS

AWEX Modular control unit SVS


The central control unit for smoke exhaust and ventilation systems, SVS type, is part of the smoke and heat control system. It is designed to control the executive devices that remove smoke from evacuation routes. The central unit can be used in buildings of categories ZL I to V, PM, and IN.

Features of the SVS Control Unit:

  • Modularity of the control unit
  • Up to 8 24V DC control outputs
  • Maximum current on the control output of 8A
  • Compliance with EN 12101-10 standard
  • Cable monitoring
  • Addressable cooperation with FAS
  • Universal relay outputs
  • Main and backup power source control
  • Event reporting

The control panel is made using modular technology, making it easy to expand and service. The panel includes a user interface, a control module, a power supply, and a set of batteries with a designed lifespan of 10 years. The expansion and customization of the control panel to suit individual needs can be achieved through the installation and programming of appropriate expansion cards. Remote access to the system can be achieved through a LAN connection and Bluetooth technology using a dedicated Android application.

The SVS smoke control panel is an integrated part of an addressable fire alarm system (FAS) through its built-in communication port and the use of modern microprocessor components that work with loop elements. SVS panels communicate directly with the AWEX FAS/FAS mini system panel via a monitoring loop using the implemented AWEX FAS protocol. Upon receiving a signal from the FAS or manual smoke control buttons, the smoke control panel activates electric drives to open smoke dampers and air vents.

Technical Data:

Type Modular
Supply Voltage 230 [VAC]
Operating Voltage 24 [VDC] ± 25%
Batteries Lead-acid 2×7.2 [Ah] / 12 [Ah] AGM
Input/Output Wire Cross-Section maximum 4.5 [mm2]
Maximum Number of Control Outputs8
Maximum Number of Relay Outputs16
Maximum Number of Monitoring Inputs16
Maximum Number of RPO Buttons on the Line8
Maximum Number of Sensors on the Line16
Maximum Number of Ventilation Buttons8
Maximum Number of Outputs for Electric Lock16
Event Counter up to 10,000
LAN Connector yes
Housing Color RAL 7030
Housing Material powder-coated steel
Protection Class IP30