Modular addressable control panels – VESTA series

CAD-250 –

Modular addressable fire alarm control panel expandable up to 32 loops


Modular addressable fire alarm control panel expandable up to 32 loops, by means of additional 2 loops cards (TBUD-250) and extension boxes (CAD-250-B; CAD-250-BLED). It does not incorporate detection loops. 10” touch screen with graphic management. 2048 programmable zones, 256 areas and 1024 groups. 100.000 event history logs, free configuration and maintenance software, USB and Ethernet configuration ports, 2 supervised sounder outputs and 2 free relay outputs. Auxiliary output of 24V 500 mA. Able to be networked up to 64 control panels (T-Network). Ethernet on board for programming and remote maintenance. Connectivity to Detnov Cloud. Metal box. Multilingual. CPR certificate EN 54-2 and EN 54-4. Requires 2 BTD-1224 batteries (not included). Dimensions: 533 x 453 x 212 mm.

The new VESTA series of addressable control panels brings benefits of simple and agile programming and offers advanced features such as remote connectivity and a 10″ touch screen. 


VESTA provides the ideal solution for fire detection, as it is flexible enough to meet the requirements of any installation size and adapt to new designs easily and quickly. 


To develop this new generation platform, we obtained extensive information from installers, end users, engineering and fire departments in several countries. As a result, we have assembled a variety of innovative and design improvements, thanks to which it is now easier and cheaper than ever to install fire detection systems, which can increase your profitability and the success of your business. 


VESTA represents the latest generation of fire detection control panels with the following characteristics: 


Attractive and elegant design 

With a 10″ (25.4 cm) color touch screen and an intuitive menu-based interface, VESTA is extraordinarily easy to use, you can quickly access detailed information, view reports and run a variety of operations from the screen. 


High performance

Inside the panel we have incorporated state-of-the-art processors with the latest advances in technology, allowing faster processing, intelligent and high manoeuvrability. Being able to carry out all the configurations that the installation requires, manoeuvres can be programmed between the input devices and the devices of outputs between areas, zones, points or groups.


Highly scalable

Its incredible scalability allows a more than simple expansion, the fire station can incorporate from 2 to 32 loops, by means of the micro-processed 2-loop card (TBUD-250) and the CAD-250-B box that can accommodate a maximum of 8 loops.


The VESTA series control panels T-Network allows the system to be expanded to a total of 64 nodes, being able to control more than 512,000 devices, as the needs of its installation change and grow, it can grow with them. For this it is necessary to install the card TMB-252 or TMBFI-252 in case of fiber optic connection. 


Easy installation and maintenance

It has an Ethernet port on the motherboard of the central thing allows us to have endless possibilities, one of the most remarkable is remote programming, can save travel costs for start-up and maintenance staff.


Open integration for all systems

We have open protocols to be able to make integrations with other systems and devices, allowing to interact with the other systems installed in the buildings (air conditioning, security, lighting, etc.), it has RS-232 and RS-485 outputs, as well as an Ethernet port.